The journey to making beautiful dairy

At Anchor, we know it takes the best farms, quality pastures and the happiest cows to make the best dairy. But we also know that nature can do with a little help from time to time.

With over 125 years of dairy experience, Anchor knows when, and where, nature can do with a little assistance. From best practice farming, to modern dairy processing technology and making our packaging easier to use, Anchor is passionate about making our dairy the most beautiful it can be.

We’re not just saying this. We know that making beautiful dairy starts on farm, that’s why we have set up the Anchor Dairy Fund and are investing 5c* from every bottle of Anchor Fresh Milk sold back into sustainable farming projects. This commitment ensures we are not just taking, but giving back and doing our bit to help our farmers build a sustainable future. If you would like to know more about the Anchor Dairy Fund click here.

Our History

At Anchor dairy is in our blood. We were born from a New Zealand farmer’s passion to take dairy to the world over 125 years ago and now we are bringing this commitment and passion for dairy to Australia.

*Up to a maximum of $250,000 per year.