How we create finely filtered milk

Milk is a natural blend of dairy protein, fats and lactose (natural sugar), creating that fresh, pure taste we grew to love from childhood.

Milk also contains naturally occurring unwelcome bacteria, which along with light exposure, or heat, can cause milk to turn sour and go ‘off’ over time.

An Australian first, Anchor Fresh Milk uses a unique ceramic filtration technology to remove more of the unwelcome bacteria present in milk to deliver a product that stays deliciously pure and fresh in taste, right until the last drop.

While unwelcome bacteria in pasteurised milk is not harmful, it can impact the taste and shelf life of milk. With the extra step of microfiltration to remove 99% of the unwelcome bacteria, Anchor finely filtered milk is so pure and fresh in taste you’ll be drinking it straight from the glass, just like you used to.

No additives or preservative are added to Anchor milk to achieve this longer shelf life. In fact, it’s all about what’s removed to create the very finest filtered milk.